Yamaha Student Model Braviol YVN Model V3 Violin Outfit

  • $940.00


Student violin with radical manufacturing method.

The YVN Model 3 brings innovation to student strings. By using computer-assisted craftsmanship, this violin sets a new standard in precision making and sustainable manufacturing, resulting in a durable, easy-to-play student instrument.

By applying trickle-down modern manufacturing processes from their percussion and wind instruments, Yamaha has not only built a more durable, playable instrument, but one that also produces less waste material in the making process, and requires less maintenance and repair.

Excellent Playability and a Warm, Rich Sound
The YVN Model 3 was built to stay in tune for playability, and to feel light and natural in hand. Designed to provide beginning students with a positive experience and keep them engaged. The YVN Model 3 offers a no-hassle rental and a solid return on investment.

The top is crafted from three layers of spruce with thickness distribution in the core for a hand-carved sound. The tailpiece is made from synthetic material with integrated tuners for durability and easy tuning, and the pegs are made from a resin/ebony blend for sustainable use of materials and better durability.


  • Allows for tight precision tolerances for structural integrity and added durability
  • Three-layer construction for a consistent, warm, hand-carved sound
  • Enables laser-cut purfling with resin fill for an inlaid presentation
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing processes

Case, bow and care products included.