About us

Jennifer emigrated from Taiwan to the United States, the only one among her six family members to pass the rigorous Taiwanese exam. Born into a poor family, she was driven by the desire to achieve the American dream. Similarly, Howard, who came from a family of eight, moved to the U.S. after completing his military service in Taiwan. As he adjusted to American culture, he and Jennifer, who met through mutual friends, nurtured a shared vision.

After some time, the couple returned to Taiwan, where they founded an academic company. Eventually, they decided to move back to the U.S., selling their business in Taiwan and settling in Anaheim in 1994 with $3,000. Their ambition was clear: to start a new company. They partnered with professionals who had a background in music but a focus on academia.

However, the economic downturn in 2009 led their partners to leave, doubting the company’s growth potential. Undeterred, Jennifer and Howard persisted, confident that opportunities would arise. They faced significant challenges in making connections with vendors due to the competition from established music stores in nearby Irvine. Their persistence paid off when they secured Yamaha as a vendor in 2010 after ten years of effort.

The advent of COVID-19 in 2020 severely impacted their business, resulting in trying ecommence. During this challenging period, Joseph, their son, took the initiative to revamp their approach by reaching out to new vendors and enhancing their online presence. His efforts were fruitful, and by 2024, Irvine Art and Music had secured partnerships with prominent brands like Fender, Martin, and Taylor, with hopes of adding even more in the future.