Mauro Tarakdian is a Brazilian drummer and educator currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He began playing drums during his childhood in Brazil and went on to perform and record with numerous bands and artists. Mauro is also a highly influential educator and advocate, having established a drumming community resource called NGBP, which provided drumming education to hundreds of drummers and percussionists for over three years. In 2007, Mauro served as the former Editor-in-Chief of Modern Drummer Brazil magazine. Since relocating to the United States, he has continued his career as a drum instructor while also collaborating with various bands and artists.

Hobbies & Interests:


Drum manufacturing



Earl Gordon Osmena

Embarking on his musical odyssey at a mere age of 11, Earl's initial draw towards the drums blossomed into a diversified and profound career in the rhythm world. His initial forays into the domain were rooted deeply in rock music, rapidly diversifying into an assortment of musical styles, including orchestral percussion, musicals, funk, R&B, and reggae. However, it was jazz that ultimately captivated his artistic spirit the most.

Earl's educational journey saw him graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance from the University of California, Irvine, where he had the privilege to delve deeper into the jazz world under the tutelage of luminaries like Jason Harnell, Kei Akagi, Darek Oleszkiewicz, Michael Dessen, Bob Marino, and Ari Hoenig.

Today, Earl is a seasoned musician, showcasing his percussive expertise in various professional performances throughout the Orange County (OC) area. His career echoes his diverse musical background, and while his heart may lie with jazz, his skills reverberate through a spectrum of musical genres and settings.


Maddox Eckert

Maddox Raiden Eckert, currently in his third year as a Jazz Studies major with a focus on drums at the University of California, Irvine, is a dynamic addition to the Irvine Art and Music Center. His musical journey, spanning an impressive 15 years, has seen him delve into a variety of genres including rock, classical, and jazz, showcasing his drumming skills across the nation. Under the guidance of renowned instructors Isaiah Spencer and Jason Harnell, Maddox has not only honed his technical abilities but also developed a deep appreciation for the artistry of drumming.

Beyond his prowess on the drums, Maddox is an avid dog lover, sharing his life with four beloved pets. This passion for nurturing extends into his teaching approach, where he skillfully blends his love for music with the ability to foster meaningful connections. His unique blend of talent and empathy makes him an invaluable member of the thriving musical community at the Irvine Art and Music Center.