Yamaha YSL-882OR Xeno Professional F-Attachment Trombone - Clear Lacquer with Yellow Brass Bell

  • $3,779.99

Even, Balanced Sound and Feel

Yamaha’s YSL-882OR Xeno Professional F Attachment Trombone delivers a tone fit for professionals. More than 30 years of research and development in collaboration with leading musicians went into building this magnificent Xeno Series tenor trombone. The hand-hammered 8-2/3-inch yellow brass bell has thick walls to provide impressive projection and control. It has reversed tuning slides for an open playing feel. You can hear the Yamaha difference in how the bell responds as you crescendo into a solo passage. You can feel the difference in the way it plays. The narrow, speedy slide effortlessly keeps up with ever-increasing tempos. When you engage the F attachment, the open-wrap design lessens resistance so that you can hit the lowest notes in your register with ease. From glorious melodies to rounded rhythms and everything in between, this horn is more than capable of keeping up with the most demanding players, not to mention the most technical scores. Like all Yamaha products, the YSL-882OR is built with pride. It's subjected to the highest quality control standards before shipping to Irvine Art & Music, ensuring it will function perfectly for decades to come. 

Engineered for the discerning player

Do you need a trombone that will cover all types of symphonic playing scenarios? If so, the Yamaha YSL-882OR Xeno Professional F Attachment trombone is an excellent choice. This trombone has a 0.547-inch bore for a focused sound. It has reversed tuning slides for unrestricted airflow. You’ll especially appreciate the difference when you’re using the attachment. At Irvine Art & Music, we appreciate the consistent and even triggering provided by the balanced response rotor. Other thoughtful design features include a rounded slide crook for faster response, pressure-formed tubing for smoother airflow, and an included counter-balance weight. 

Ultra-responsive yellow brass bell

Yamaha fitted the YSL-882OR with a yellow brass bell for hall-filling projection and supreme clarity. The 1-piece, hand-hammered design showcases showstopping tone and response. Furthermore, its larger 8-2/3-inch diameter gives the horn an expansive dynamic range and a pleasant singing quality. Yellow brass is a favorite bell material among trombonists here at Irvine Art & Music. Yellow brass devotees report that the alloy reacts favorably to a player’s unique playing style, encouraging the user to reach new playing heights each time they play. The YSL-882OR’s outstanding sound is sure to impress you and your audience. 

Yamaha Xeno Series trombones

Yamaha believes that nothing should stand in the way of your tone. That’s why they developed their world-renowned Xeno Series trombones. Pronounced “Zee-no,” these brass instruments are designed with players in mind. They offer outstanding power and projection with ample warmth for symphonic settings. More than 30 years in the making, Xeno trombones were designed with input from the world’s leading players, incorporating their experience and talent to produce outstanding instruments with the features and performance that pro-level players demand. 

Yamaha YSL-882OR Xeno Professional Trombone Features:

  • Professional level tenor trombone with F attachment
  • Reverse tuning slides lessen wind resistance
  • 0.547-inch bore transmits a warm, symphonic tonal quality
  • Open-wrap F attachment for a barely-there playing feel
  • 8-2/3-inch yellow brass bell sings out with bright, cutting clarity
  • Yellow brass outer slide and nickel silver inner slide combine for easy movement
  • Balanced response rotor system provides a smooth transition when engaging the attachment
  • Mechanical linkage delivers a smooth, reliable response
  • Clear lacquer finish adds a subtle warmth
  • Includes SL-51C4L mouthpiece and case 

Tech Specs

  • Type:Tenor
  • Key:Bb with F Attachment
  • Wrap:Open
  • Valve:Balanced Response Rotor
  • Level:Professional
  • Finish:Clear Lacquer
  • Bore:Large, 0.547"
  • Bell:8.6", Hand-hammered 1-piece
  • Bell Material:Yellow Brass
  • Inner Slide:Nickel Silver
  • Outer Slide:Yellow Brass
  • Mouthpiece:SL-51C4L
  • Additional Features:Reversed Tuning Slides
  • Case/Gig Bag:Hardshell Case
  • Manufacturer Part Number:YSL-882OR