Yamaha YOB-441 Grenadilla Wood Intermediate Oboe With Silver-plated Keys

  • $3,947.99

Exceptional Intermediate Oboe Crafted from Seasoned Grenadilla

Step up to a spectacular intermediate instrument with the YOB-441 from Yamaha! Featuring a seasoned grenadilla body, the YOB-441 offers advancing players a rich, warm sound with a focused center and consistent intonation. Silver-plated keys invite your fingers to glide between notes, and the YOB-441 allows you to start exploring new fingering techniques with a modified conservatory key system. Most importantly, the YOB-441 looks great and sounds incredible, with a clear, rich tone across the full range of the instrument. If you’re ready to graduate to an exceptional intermediate oboe, Irvine Art & Music highly recommends the Yamaha YOB-441. 

Seasoned grenadilla body and sculpted silver-plated keys

Grenadilla is the material of choice for intermediate- and professional-grade oboes, due to its dense grain, moisture-repellent qualities, eye-catching look, and warm tone. For the YOB-441, Yamaha selected the highest-quality grenadilla, which is seasoned for improved performance. The YOB-441 is populated with silver-plated keys in a modified conservatory key system, with a thick key plating for added expressiveness. The keys are fitted with a combination of cork and felt pads to provide you with a dynamic feel, a rich tonality, and buzz-free playing. Moreover, the YOB-441 sports ABS resin toneholes, ensuring optimum intonation and a uniform response up and down the instrument. 

Expand your technique with a modified conservatory key system

Typically, beginner oboes are outfitted with a very simplified key system, which allows young students and beginner players to practice and learn the fundamentals of the instrument without being bogged down with complex fingerings. However, now that you’re ready to advance, the Yamaha YOB-441 presents you with a modified conservatory key system, which includes a left-hand F, a forked-F resonance key, a low Bb key, and numerous trill keys. Get ready to expand your repertoire and explore exciting new techniques! 

Yamaha Intermediate Series brass and woodwinds

Yamaha is committed to supporting you at every step of your musical journey. Their Intermediate Series brass and woodwind instruments represent an ideal bridge between their Standard Series instruments for students and beginners and their Professional and Custom Series instruments for advanced players. Yamaha Intermediate Series brass and woodwind instruments guarantee easy playability as you expand your technical repertoire while providing professional touches that allow you to further explore the limits of your instrument and grow as a musician. A favorite choice of music educators, the Yamaha Intermediate Series offers superior-quality step-up brass and woodwind instruments guaranteed to inspire! 

Yamaha YOB-441 Intermediate Oboe Features:

  • Well-made, ultra-durable intermediate oboe with silver-plated nickel-silver keys
  • Seasoned grenadilla wood body, barrel, and bell provide a rich, warm sound
  • American bore style with semi-automatic octave keys, and a fixed thumb rest
  • Modified conservatory key system includes left-hand F, forked-F resonance key, and low Bb key
  • Trill keys: C#–D#; F#–G#; A#–B; Ab–Bb; B–C#; Left C–D; Right C–D
  • Includes a Yamaha OBC-430II case and OBB-430II cover
  • Key of C 

Tech Specs

  • Level:Intermediate
  • Key System:Modified Conservatory
  • Body Material:Grenadilla
  • Bell Material:Grenadilla
  • Key Finish:Silver-plated Nickel Silver
  • Bore:American Style
  • Trill Keys:C#-D#, F#-G#, A#-B, Ab-Bb, B-C#, Left C-D, Right C-D
  • Mechanical Features:Left-hand F Key, Fork F, Low Bb Key
  • Thumb Rest:Fixed
  • Tone Holes:Undercut
  • Springs:Stainless Steel
  • Additional Features:Semi-automatic Octave Keys
  • Case/Gig Bag:Case
  • Manufacturer Part Number:YOB-441