Yamaha YFL-577HCT Professional Flute - C# Trill, Split E, and Gizmo Key

  • $3,212.99

Stunning Professional-level Concert Flute from Yamaha with C# Trill Key

Drawing inspiration from Yamaha’s world-class handmade flutes, the Yamaha YFL-577HCT professional concert flute is a stunning instrument fully loaded with top-shelf appointments. This luxurious concert flute derives a pure, colorful tone from its sterling silver headjoint, hand-assembled keys, and traditional pads. Boasting a comfortable offset G key system with French-style ring keys, the YFL-577HCT has a delightful feel that responds to every nuance of your playing. Additionally, it’s equipped with a split E mechanism, which improves intonation and increases stability in the third register E — a helpful addition when you’re exploring the upper range of your instrument. Plus, this model adds a C# trill key. Visually elegant and sonically sublime, the YFL-577HCT professional concert flute is a supreme showcase of Yamaha’s peerless craftsmanship! 

Hand-finished construction

Modeled after the Yamaha handmade flute’s Type A design, the YFL-577HCT’s Type Am headjoint allows players to produce a colorful tone with a wide dynamic range while providing slightly more resistance and easier response. The flute's body and footjoint are carefully crafted from nickel silver, and the sterling silver headjoint produces a light, pure sound. Additionally, to provide an optimal balance between the parts of the YFL-577HCT, Yamaha increased its wall thickness from 0.38mm to 0.43mm. 

Yamaha Professional Series brass and woodwinds

Launched in 1967, the Yamaha Professional Series expanded the Yamaha line and made an instant impression among working musicians. Featuring many of the same features and specifications as Yamaha Custom Series instruments, Yamaha Profession Series brass and woodwinds are an ideal choice for discerning musicians who demand superior performance while remaining budget-conscious. Superior materials and hand finishing by the company's master artisans further distinguish Yamaha Professional Series instruments, empowering musicians to play to their full potential! 

Yamaha YFL-577HCT Professional Flute Features:

  • Shares many features with top-of-the-line Yamaha handmade flutes
  • Sterling silver headjoint delivers a pure and light tone
  • Type Am headjoint offers incredible response and balance
  • Hand-assembled silver-plated nickel silver keys are effortless to play
  • Elegant and reliable pointed key arms on non-fingered keys
  • Comfortable offset G key configuration
  • Split E mechanism improves intonation and stability in the third register E
  • Includes a C# trill key
  • Flexible and responsive traditional pads
  • Yamaha FLC-684 case and FLB-68 gig bag included

Tech Specs

  • Type:Concert Flute
  • Level:Professional
  • Headjoint:Sterling Silver
  • Footjoint:B
  • Body Material:Nickel Silver
  • Finish:Silver-plated
  • Key Type:Ring
  • Key System:Offset G
  • Mechanism:Split E
  • Tone Holes:Drawn, Curled
  • Case/Gig Bag:Softshell Case, Gig Bag
  • Manufacturer Part Number:YFL-577HCT