Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

  • $799.99

Yamaha’s YDS-150 Digital Sax Is a Game-changer

The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone is a revolutionary instrument that seamlessly combines the authentic playing experience of an acoustic sax with the endless sound possibilities of a powerful Yamaha sound engine. It features a comfortable mouthpiece designed for sax players, as well as a brass bell with an inset speaker that produces a natural sound. The keywork is carefully crafted, with a standard saxophone layout and additional octave, F, F#, and A keys. This digital sax also offers a wide range of voices, including soprano, alto, tenor, and bari sax, as well as a selection of premium synth sounds. Using the dedicated app, you can easily edit sounds and effects, change transposition, assign custom altissimo fingerings, save presets, and more. The YDS-150 can be paired with your device via Bluetooth for even more versatility. Upgrade your sax playing experience with the innovative Yamaha YDS-150, available now at Irvine Art & Music. 

73 amazing sounds onboard

Yamaha is one of the premier makers of both saxophones and synthesizers, so it comes as no surprise that the YDS-150 not only plays like a sax — it also sounds like one. Onboard are full-scale samples of real soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxes painstakingly recorded in whole tones played by professional saxophonists, as well as cutting-edge synth sounds. The four sax categories are further broken up into subcategories that allow you to select sounds optimized for any and all genres, with full tonality, range, and timbre control. In all, there are 73 Voices onboard, including 56 saxes. Changing from, say, a soprano to an alto is effortless, as the key range is set appropriately for Bb and Eb instruments. And as you’ll probably prefer your synth sounds in concert pitch, the key of C will also sync automatically with those voices when selected. Octave assignments are automatic as well. Play a Bb on soprano, switch to baritone, and that same Bb will voice an octave lower.

An entirely new class of instrument

The Yamaha YDS-150 is a groundbreaking instrument that combines the traditional key layout of a saxophone with Yamaha's Integrated Bell Acoustic System and the capabilities of a wind synthesizer. It's not meant to replace acoustic saxophones, but rather to offer new possibilities for saxophonists and non-reed players alike. With its combination of digital sound and the tactile playing feel of an acoustic wind instrument, the YDS-150 allows musicians to seamlessly blend familiar sax fingering with advanced digital technology. It's an ideal MIDI controller for saxophonists who want to compose using their native instrument. 

Wireless freedom and comprehensive connectivity

The Yamaha YDS-150 digital saxophone is a versatile instrument that can be powered with either four AAA batteries or through its micro USB-to-Host port, which outputs MIDI data. This makes it an excellent master controller for use with digital audio workstations. The YDS-150 also offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth MIDI, allowing you to use it with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It features a stereo mini headphone jack for silent practice, as well as an aux input for jamming along with your favorite tracks. When using headphones, you can even use the YDS app to control the ambience of your performance, creating the feeling of playing in different environments, such as Carnegie Hall. The Yamaha YDS-150 is a highly innovative instrument that is sure to be a game changer.

Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone Features:

  • Key: Eb, Bb, C (automatic sync with selected voice)
  • Custom mouthpiece with synthetic reed for authentic saxophone feel
  • Brass bell, made of the same material used on Yamaha acoustic saxes
  • Integrated Bell Acoustic System for natural sax resonance
  • Standard saxophone key layout
  • Front F, high F#, low A keys; octave key
  • 73 Voices, including 56 saxes and 17 synths
  • Sax Voices (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone)
  • Sax variations cover all genres, with full tonality, range, and timbre control
  • Dedicated app for editing, saving sounds, and more
  • Headphone jack (stereo mini)
  • Aux input (stereo mini; functional only when using headphones)
  • Micro USB-to-Host port
  • Operates on 4 AAA batteries or via USB
  • Sturdy strap connector
  • Included mouthpiece, synthetic reed, ligature, mouthpiece cap, soft case, and strap

Tech Specs

  • Key:Eb, Bb, C (sync with voice)
  • Finish:Black Body with Yellow Brass/Gold Lacquer Bell
  • Body:Black
  • Key Buttons:High F#, Front F, Low A
  • Mouthpiece:YDS Mouthpiece with Synthetic Reed
  • Additional Features:Ligature
  • Weight:2.20 lbs.
  • Case/Gig Bag:Softshell Case
  • Manufacturer Part Number:YDS-150