Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Z Professional Alto Saxophone

  • $4,729.99

Modern action married with classic sound.

Yamaha developed the YAS-82Z Custom Z Series Alto Saxophone to be a sax capable of performing both classical and jazz music. The resulting YAS-82Z Custom alto saxophone will knock jazz sax players out with its projection and sweet tone. Classical saxophonists will appreciate the control the alto Yamaha YAS-82Z sax gives them over their tone from pianissimo to fortissimo.

The Yamaha YAS-82Z incorporates several features found on famous Yamaha saxophones of the past as well as offering many improvements on models such as the popular Yamaha YAS-62 saxophone. Yamaha engineers also maintained their consistently high build quality and the free-blowing nature that characterizes Yahama saxophones.

Yamaha's YAS-82Z captures the sound of popular vintage saxophones of the past, but adds the comfort of modern mechanisms and playability. The Yamaha Custom Z's body is made from a special brass alloy for a lighter weight saxophone and tonal flexibility only dreamt of until now. The saxophone's Custom G1 neck helps produce a quick and agile response, while key action and placement feel just right.

Saxophone body design 

The Yamaha YAS-82Z saxophone boasts a 2-piece hydro-formed bell for durability and well-formed tone. The body, bell, and bow are annealed during production to increase the YAS-82Z saxophone's response and give it less air resistance.


The new mechanisms on the Yamaha YAS-82Z sax mean faster action and they make adjustments easy while keeping repairs to a minimum.

Blue steel springs 

Yamaha equips the YAS-82Z sax with blue steel springs for faster, more sensitive key response and higher resilience and durability.

New Yamaha case 

Yamaha delivers the YAS-82Z sax with a newly designed lightweight case that includes a handy shoulder strap.

Custom-style engraving 

The beautiful Yamaha YAS-82Z saxophone's eye-catching engraving gives you the look of a custom horn. And there's even an availabe non-lacquered version for those who prefer that look..

All Yamaha wind instruments come with a limited 5-year warranty. 

  • 62-style keys
  • Mother-of-pearl finger buttons
  • 62-style French brass body
  • One-piece, rib construction
  • Non-annealed, custom G1 neck
  • 2-piece water-bulged, engraved bell
  • 62-style key mechanism
  • High F# key
  • Adjustable front F key
  • Gold lacquer finish
  • Steeper tapered pivot screws
  • Adjustable split ball octave mechanism
  • Bigger nickel silver ring
  • Premium case
  • Level: Custom Z
  • Key: Eb
  • Neck: Custom G1
  • Neck Material: French Brass
  • Body Material: French Brass (annealed)
  • Bell: French Brass (annealed); Two-piece
  • Key Material: Yellow Brass
  • Key Buttons: Mother of pearl
  • Tone Holes: Drawn
  • Auxiliary Keys: Front F; High F# key
  • Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4CM
  • Mouthpiece Cap: Yellow brass; Gold lacquer
  • Silver-plated (YAS-82ZS)
  • Ligature: Yellow brass; Gold lacquer (YAS-82Z/ZB);
  • Silver-plated (YAS-82ZS)
  • Spring Type: Blue steel needle
  • Pad Type: Waterproof leather and wool felt with plastic tone boosters
  • Bell Decoration: Hand engraved
  • Thumb Hook: Adjustable plastic
  • Pivot Screw: Bullet tip design with head
  • Mounting: Ribbed and flanged