Yamaha Valve Oil

  • $7.99

100% synthetic oil coats pistons and the interior of valve casings for long-lasting lubrication and corrosion prevention. Fast response and smooth movement enhance valve action.

Super Light - YAC SVOX

This low-viscosity oil is ideal for playing fast passages in ad-lib solos, for example. Also recommended for piccolo trumpet and other horns designed for high-register playing.

Light - YAC LVOX

 This oil is for instruments with very precise valve tolerances such as Yamaha's professional models, the Z series , the Xeno series ,and the Xeno Artist models. It is especially suited for players with very fast fingers.

Regular - YAC RVOX

The perfect weight oil for all around use in any piston valves. It provides a light , quick touch with smooth long lasting action. This grade oil will work with all piston valve instruments.

Vintage - YAC VVOX

A thicker oil for older instruments with looser valves to give smooth long lasting action. It is also ideal for instruments with larger valve pistons such as tubas and euphoniums.