Yamaha Silent Series SVC-210SK Electric Cello - Brown

  • $3,085.99

Yamaha's Flagship Silent Cello

Flagship of Yamaha's Silent Cello line, the SVC-210SK is a compact electric instrument with a chambered spruce body that solves many problems for cellists. It's easy to throw over your shoulder when you're traveling, and its minimalist body virtually eliminates the feedback problems that often plague acoustic cellos when you're performing live. A body resonating chamber enhances the SVC-210SK’s acoustic warmth with definition that works beautifully when amplified. Whether you're practicing at home, recording, or touring, you owe it to yourself to find out what the Yamaha SVC-210SK Silent Cello can do for you. 

Travel with ease

With the SVC-210SK, Yamaha has solved a headache traveling cellists have always had to deal with: finding space for your instrument. Acoustic cellos, because of their bulk, are especially problematic. The SVC-210SK's slim body breaks down to fit in its included compact gig bag and will easily fit in your car and in most airplane overhead compartments.

Play silently with full-bodied tone

At Irvine Art & Music, we well know that silent practice all too often means tonal compromise. Enter the Silent Cello. With the SVC-210SK, just plug in your headphones, and you'll hear studio-quality cello sound courtesy of Yamaha's piezo pickup and preamp system. Enhanced by a body resonating chamber with a narrow aperture underneath the top board, this full-bodied, nuanced, and natural-sounding tone is served up in a rich, simulated concert hall acoustic environment, without the need for external signal processing. A proprietary Yamaha chip delivers gorgeously warm and natural reverb in three flavors: Room, Medium Hall, and Large Hall.

Play along — connect to a sound system

In addition to its many other features, the Silent Cello is equipped with an auxiliary input as well as line and headphone outputs. To play along with your favorite music, simply connect an external source to the aux input. Connect the line output to an external sound system for live performance. The headphone jack facilitates private practice with lush reverb.

Great live acoustic sound with no feedback

Another benefit of the Silent Cello is what it brings to your live performances. With the onboard reverb effects, you'll send the same miked-up cello sound to your audience that you hear when practicing. And without a large acoustic body resonating from loud stage volume, feedback is a nonissue. You can play anywhere onstage with full confidence that your audience is hearing exactly what you hear.

Yamaha SVC-210SK Silent Series Electric Cello Features:

  • Unique resonating chamber
  • Enhanced “tighter and brighter” sound
  • Folding lower bouts for maximum portability
  • Studio-quality onboard preamp and reverb effects
  • Made of spruce and maple
  • Geared tuning pegs
  • Includes protective gig bag 

Tech Specs

  • Type:Electric Cello
  • Number of Strings:4
  • Size:4/4
  • Color:Brown
  • Body Material:Spruce
  • Neck Material:Maple
  • Fingerboard Material:Ebony
  • Pegs:Worm Gear
  • Fine Tuners:4
  • Bridge Material:Maple (Aubert)
  • Tailpiece:Wittner Ultra
  • Strings:D'Addario Helicore
  • Electronics:Piezo System
  • Case/Gig Bag:Softshell Case
  • Manufacturer Part Number:SVC-210SK