Yamaha YAC 1112P Powdered Woodwind Pad Paper - 50-pack

  • $13.99

Eliminate Sticky Pad Syndrome

Treated with a specially formulated powder that acts as a dry lubricant, Yamaha Powder Paper prevents the moisture-induced stickiness that is incurred from regular instrument use. Simply dry off your pads, insert one sheet of Yamaha powder paper between a pad and the tone hole, and gently close the key a few times. Repeat the process for each key, moving to a different spot on the sheet — and that’s all there is to it! Woodwind players at Irvine Art & Music rely on Yamaha Powder Paper to keep their instruments playing smoothly and responsively. Yamaha Powder Paper is the ideal solution for sticky pad syndrome!

Special powder stays behind to make pads less sticky. Yamaha powdered pad paper is treated with a specially designed powder that helps prevent pads from getting sticky during regular use. First, make sure your pads are completely dry by using regular cleaning paper. Then slide one sheet of powdered paper between the pad and the tone hole and gently close the key a few times. Repeat this process two or three times for each key using a different part of the paper - this will make sure that enough powder is left behind to do the job. Pack of 50 sheets.

Yamaha YAC 1112P Powdered Woodwind Pad Paper Features:

  • Specially formulated non-stick powder eliminates stick paddy syndrome
  • Apply to dry pads after regular cleaning
  • Keep your instrument in great playing condition 

Tech Specs

  • Manufacturer Part Number:YAC 1112P