Yamaha HW-780 5-Piece Hardware Pack

  • $309.99
Value-packed Drum Hardware Pack!

Load up with the Yamaha HW-780, and you'll be armed with all the drum hardware you need. This value-packed hardware bundle is loaded with Yamaha's rugged, proven hardware. There are two CS-755 boom cymbal stands, one HS-740A hi-hat stand, and one SS-740A snare stand. You also get one FP-7210A foot pedal. There's no way around it, if you're going to drum, you need reliable drum hardware. Get it all with the Yamaha HW-780!

Yamaha HW-780 Drum Hardware Pack Features at a Glance:
  • Complete drum hardware package
  • 2 CS-755 boom cymbal stands
  • 1 HS-740A hi-hat stand
  • 1 SS-740A snare stand
  • 1 FP-7210A foot pedal
Count on the Yamaha HW-780 for a rugged, reliable drum hardware solution! Tech Specs
  • Type:HW-780 5-piece Hardware Pack
  • Cymbal Stands:2 x CS-755 Boom Stands
  • Hi-hat Stand:HS-740A
  • Snare Stand:SS-740A
  • Kick Drum Pedal:FP-7210A
  • Manufacturer Part Number:HW-780