Yamaha AV7 Intermediate Braviol Series Violin Outfit

  • $1,540.00
The Yamaha AV7 Student Violin Outfit is fully hand carved violin features a solid, aged spruce top, aged maple back and sides, and a hand applied oil varnish. Inspired by Stradivarius design, this beginner violin features reddish-golden shading and flamed back and sides to make for an instrument as beautiful as it sounds. It delivers a warm and even tone you'll love to hear. To get you playing right away, also includes a protective case with a cordura cover, a Brazilwood bow, and rosin.

Fully Hand Carved
Handcrafted from select natural, aged woods, the AV7 is carved from spruce and maple. Fitting together in a perfect pair, these two tonewoods sound brilliant together and are accompanied by well selected componenets including an ebony fingerboard and pegs, and a Wittner tailpiece.

As Beautiful as it Sounds
The reddish-golden shading and flamed back and sides give this violin a vibrant hue and lustrous appearance. Protected by a hand applied oil varnish, this violin will withstand beginner use with ease.

Warm and Even Tone
The spruce and maple tonewoods coupled with Thomastik Vision Medium Tension Strings work in sync to produce warm, even tones. Vibrating off the sturdy Aubert bridge, you'll love hearing the sounds gracefully eminate from this violin.


  • Hand Carved Full Size Violin
  • Spruce Top with Maple Neck, Back, and Sides
  • Oil Varnish
  • Reddish-Golden Shading with Flamed Back and Sides
  • Aubert Bridge, Ebony Fingerboard and Pegs, Wittner Tailpiece
  • Thomastik Vision Medium Tension Strings
  • Case, Brazilwood Bow, and Rosin Included
Things You Will Get:
  • Violin
  • Case
  • Bow
  • Rosin