Yamaha Student Model Braviol AV5 Violin Outfit with Upgraded Thomastik Infield Dominant Strings

  • $1,199.00
The Yamaha AV5 Student Violin Outfit is a well put together package for even the youngest of beginners. Hand carved of carefully selected tonewoods, the quality of this violin shows through in its sound. Inspired by Stradivarius design, this violin is constructed with care and attention to detail. Built to last, it comes with a protective case, bow, and rosin, so you can start learning immediately, and maintain the quality of your instrument with ease.

Hand Carved
Each tonewood is carefully selected and aged before being hand carved and fit together. The spruce top and maple back, sides, and neck allow for superb reverberation of the Thomastik Dominant Medium Tension strings to create a soft, elegant tone. These strings will also stay in tune longer as they are unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity and provide a quicker bow response.

Built to Last
Not only are the woods durable, but they are also hand brushed with an oil varnish that seeps in past the surface layer, protecting it and giving the violin a beautiful sheen. Included with this outfit is a lightweight case shaped to secure your instrument, and a cordura cover to protect it from dust and sticky airborne molecules.

Inspired by Stradivarius Design
Notorious for their superior quality, Stradivarius violins are perhaps the most sought after violins in the world. Yamaha has replicated the design of these amazing instruments to the best of their ability. As a result, the shape of the AV5 enables the body to produce and project sound in a similar way to that of the Stradivarius.

Hand Carved
Spruce Top with Maple Back, Sides, and Neck Hand Brushed Oil Varnish
Ebony Fittings with Wittner Tailpiece
Upgraded Thomastik Dominant Medium Tension Strings Case, Brazilwood Bow, and Rosin Included

Things You Will Get:
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