Vandoren V21 Alto Saxphone Reeds - 10 Pack

  • $38.99

Vandoren SR8125 - V21 Alto Saxophone Reeds 

Extreme Versatility, Pure Tone 

Players who cover a wide variety of styles need a reed designed for maximum versatility — which is where Vandoren V21 reeds come in. These unfiled cane reeds are designed from the ground up to deliver a clean and articulate sound with more punch than other classical reeds. In addition, V21 reeds have a thicker spine, enabling the player to perform large interval jumps without a second thought. Many players at Irvine Art & Music trust V21 reeds for regular gigging, concert performances, and tracking in the studio. With a Vandoren V21 reed in your ligature, you’ll be ready for any tune the bandleader calls. 

Vandoren: a rich legacy of top-tier reed making

Since its establishment in 1905, Vandoren has been all about family. Founder Eugène Van Doren led the company to great prosperity, solidifying Vandoren as a worldwide presence that specialized in reeds, mouthpieces, accessories, and more. Three generations later, Vandoren continues to make waves in the woodwind industry, with clarinet and saxophone reeds playing a critical role in the company's continued success. Vandoren reeds are constructed from cane grown right in their fields located in the south of France, with all waste material recycled through composting and other means. These high-quality reeds deliver an incredible response in all playing registers, warmer than other similar reeds while adding an unmistakable depth and clarity to your playing. Best of all, Vandoren reeds are available for the complete family of clarinets and saxophones, with a wide variety of strengths, cuts, and pack sizes to suit the needs of players of all skill levels. Need to replenish your reed collection? Call your Irvine Art & Music Sales Engineer today and add over a century of top-notch artistry to your toolkit with Vandoren reeds! 

Vandoren V21 Reeds Features:

  • Unfiled cane reed with unrivaled versatility
  • Delivers robust lows with clear highs
  • Thick spine makes interval jumping easy
  • Available in a range of strengths for every player

Tech Specs

  • Instrument:Alto Saxophone
  • Strength:2.5
  • Quantity:10-pack
  • Cut:Unfiled
  • Material:Cane
  • Manufacturer Part Number:SR8125