Thomastik Infeld Peter Infeld Violin Strings Set

  • $130.00
  • Finely Crafted for Over a Century

    Thomastik-Infeld has been the reference standard for finely crafted violin strings for over a century, and this set of Peter Infeld PI101 strings is further testament! Extremely versatile, these strings have a rich and warm tone with incredible projection, excelling in almost every application imaginable. Sweetwater violinists find that the depth, nuance, and power of PI101s allow them to shine in recitals, orchestra, quartets, and even solo applications. From the practice room to the concert hall, PI101 strings produce an exquisite sound that captures every nuance of your playing.

    Thomastik-Infeld P101 Peter Infeld Violin String Set Features:

    • Warm sound that produces amazingly rich overtones
    • Highly versatile strings that excel in a variety of performance settings
    • Extraordinary projection that allows even the most subtle playing to be easily heard, no matter the venue size
    • Reference standard quality for over 100 years
    • 4 strings: E (carbon steel core, tin plated); A (synthetic core, aluminum wound); D ( synthetic core, silver wound); G (synthetic core, silver wound)

    Tech Specs

    • Type:Complete Set
    • Instrument Size:4/4
    • Core Material:Carbon Steel (E), Synthetic (A, D, G)
    • Winding Material:Tin-plated (E), Aluminum (A), Silver (D,G)
    • Gauge:Medium
    • End Type:Removable Ball (E), Ball (A, D, G)
    • Manufacturer Part Number:PI101