Hohner Weekender 24 Tremolo Harmonica

  • $20.00

Double rows of 24 notes create a full sound that'll inspire the budding player.

The Hohner Weekender 24 Tremolo Harmonica is excellent for beginners seeking to create tremolo effects that normally come only to more experienced players. Tuned to the key of C, the secret of this harp is its double rows of 12 holes each, all encased in smooth plastic comb. Each row is tuned to the same notes with the top row tuned ever so slightly higher. Much like having 2 singers, these 2 rows of holes create a lush vibrato that works well in so many styles of music from gospel to folk. The Weekender also makes a perfect gift for anyone that might enjoy making a smooth and luxuriant sound.


  • Double rows of 12 notes each create a full, lush sound
  • Easy for beginners to create popular tremolo effects

Add a touch of lushness to your life or to someone elses. Order today.