Hamilton Brazilian Wood Student Model Cello Bow

  • $69.99
  • SMOOTH POLISHED SOUND - Hamilton cello bows are ALL individually hand-carved, then hand strung by professional luthiers using only real mongolian horsehair. Once primed with rosin, strokes can produce a beautiful warm overtone.
  • 🎻 NATURAL BOUNCE - We’ve curated the highest quality material for our bowmasters that handmade each bow stick. This ensures a smooth construction and natural arch to provide the perfect balance point and weight distribution, resulting in a more enjoyable cello playing experience.
  • 🎻 OLD-WORLD TECHNIQUES - The Hamilton Brazilwood Cello Bow is made to the standards of the old-world bowmasters of the past. The bowmakers and master luthiers behind us have been handcrafting these individually for decades.
  • 🎻 PERFECT MATCH TO ALL CELLOS - This versatile bow is made to be well-rounded and lightweight, making it the perfect match with all cello makes and models. Ideal gift for both beginner and professional cellists alike.