Ernie Ball Braided 10ft Instrument Cable

  • $26.99

Instrument Cable Backed with Ernie Ball Quality 

Just like their strings, Ernie Ball’s instrument cables are constructed with only the highest-quality components — they’re built to last! Dual conductors and multiple shielding materials keep your signal clear with minimal handling noise. The durable braided exterior jacket is excellent for the road; it can withstand heavy abuse and is tangle resistant. We have a huge variety of Ernie Ball products at Irvine Art & Music — strings, cables, pedals — and they consistently deliver! 

Ernie Ball: quality products for discerning guitarists

Ernie Ball has been in the music business since the 1960s. It all started with making custom sets of lighter-gauge guitar strings, so guitarists could make their axes easier to play. After fruitless attempts to interest major guitar manufacturers in a lighter set of strings, Ernie Ball decided to start making his own. As time went by, Ernie Ball started making other accessories, including guitar cables. Made from high-quality materials and thoughtful design, Ernie Ball cables are extremely durable, functional, and stylish. The guitarists here at  Irvine Art & Music are confident: you can’t go wrong with an Ernie Ball cable! 

Ernie Ball 1/4-inch to 1/4-inch Instrument Cable Features:

  • Sturdy braided jacket exterior protects your cable from damage
  • Dual-conductors and multiple shielding materials deliver a noise-free signal with a natural frequency response
  • Highly tangle-resistant design 

Tech Specs

  • Connector 1:TS Male 1/4
  • Connector 2:TS Male 1/4
  • Length:10ft