Yamaha YRS-24B Plastic Soprano Recorder -Natural

  • $9.99

ABS recorders are durable and easy to care for while providing a tone similar to that of natural wood. Though other maker's plastic recorders may have a similar appearance, Yamaha ABS recorders are truly superior instruments. They offer an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control, and feature an accuracy of intonation you would expect to find only on more expensive models. The 20 Series models are easy to play throughout their ranges and are primarily intended for beginners.

Baroque vs German fingering - what's the difference?

The basic design of recorders was developed hundreds of years ago during the Baroque music period of the 1600's and early 1700's. This classical style is still preferred by many music teachers and schools, mostly because some specific notes play a little better in tune with this design.

In the 1920's, instrument designers in Germany felt that the standard Baroque recorder was too difficult for beginners to learn, since some notes put the player’s fingers in positions that can feel uncomfortable. Because of this, they made a small change to make those notes easier for a beginner to play. However, there's a trade-off – while the finger positions are easier, those same notes are harder to play in tune.

You can tell which version you have by looking at the 4th and 5th holes down from the top. If the 4th hole is smaller than the 5th, it's Baroque. If the 4th hole is larger, it's German. If you need a recorder to use in school, check with your teacher to make sure you get the right type!