Born and raised in the vibrant musical landscape of Southern California, Chad discovered his passion for the viola at an early age, thanks to the inspiring melodies resonating from the instruments of neighborhood friends. At the tender age of 8, he picked up the viola, and from that moment onward, it became an inseparable part of his life.

During his formative years as a student, Chad's dedication and talent led him to remarkable achievements. He proudly held a seat in the prestigious LA Philharmonic High School Honor Orchestra, and his musical journey took him on tour to Australia, where he graced the iconic Sydney Opera House stage as a member of the Pasadena Youth Symphony. Chad's commitment to excellence led him to the hallowed halls of Carnegie Hall as part of the American Youth Symphony Orchestra.

In pursuit of his lifelong musical ambitions, Chad pursued higher education at the renowned Colburn School of Performing Arts. There, under the expert guidance of Jan Karlin, he honed his craft and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Viola Performance in 2003. During his time at Colburn, Chad also held the esteemed position of principal violist for The Orchestra de Camera.

Today, Chad continues to be a prolific and sought-after musician in the Southern California music scene. He graces the stages of numerous orchestras and chamber ensembles, bringing his exceptional talent and passion for music to life. In addition to his classical pursuits, Chad's versatility has led him to the bustling world of Hollywood session work, where his viola has lent its rich tones to countless memorable recordings. He's left his mark on some of the most prestigious award shows and even had the privilege of performing on the grand stage of the Super Bowl.

Chad's musical journey has been adorned with remarkable collaborations, including performances alongside celebrated artists such as Beyoncé, Common, Mariah Carey, and Kamasi Washington. With each note he plays, Chad continues to weave his passion for the viola into the rich tapestry of the music world, leaving an indelible mark on every stage he graces.



Debra Innis has been teaching at two music studios for several years (pre-COVID), and she resumed teaching at the Irvine Art and Music studio in September 2021. Additionally, she has prepared numerous students for their recitals.

Education, Credentials, and Experience:

  • Major in music from Trinity College
  • Minor in music from the University of Illinois
  • 35 years of teaching experience
  • Proficient in teaching beginners through upper intermediate levels
  • Expertise in Music Theory
  • Experience performing in orchestras and small groups (violin)
  • Accomplished private dinner party performer

Hobbies and Interests: Debra's hobbies include playing the piano (specifically her grand piano) and the violin. She enjoys playing Mazas violin duets and is skilled at evaluating and customizing music for most students. While her main focus is on classical music, she has a broad interest in various genres (except jazz).


Crystal Palencia

Crystal 狂咲 Palencia is one of the top junior division music award winners in various countries. She has
won four years running, winning consecutive gold awards in the Music Heritage Festivals in orchestra
performance, and has also won two recognition awards in the State of California and Kyoto, Japan.
She is currently studying music education and being classically and Baroque trained.
She is also in training to conduct voice and orchestra works. Crystal has started playing not one, but
various instruments at the age of three and a half, violin being her primary instrument. She has been
trained to play woodwind instruments such as flute, recorder, and etc., piano, the string family, voice
and foreign instruments such as the Koto, Taiko, and the accordion. Crystal has been trained by various
instructors including Narumi, Ramos, Kamida, Lubo, Pancho, Teter and many more. After traveling to many parts of
the world, Crystal is fluent in speaking English, Spanish, and Japanese, also spends most of her time
teaching in Japan, Mexico, and the United States to various ages and to those who have disabilities.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a talented musician celebrated for her proficiency in playing both the violin and viola. With a rich background spanning over seven years as a Mariachi performer, Jennifer has delighted audiences at numerous events with her musical prowess. Her passion for music extends beyond performance; she is a fervent advocate for music education. This dedication is evident in her volunteer work, particularly at Santa Ana High School, where she contributed her talents to a summer music camp. Jennifer's experience is not limited to traditional settings; she has collaborated with symphonies and played a significant role in chamber ensembles at Santa Ana College and in community settings. Her leadership skills are noteworthy, having served as both Vice President and President of the Music Club at Santa Ana College, roles in which her commitment to music and community engagement have flourished.



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Lun Dong

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