🎻 Meet the Virtuoso: Chad, the Southern Californian Sensation! 🎻

From the sun-drenched streets of Southern California, Chad's passion for the viola was ignited when the mellifluous strains of his friends' viola practice wafted through the neighborhood. By the tender age of 8, the viola wasn't just an instrument; it was an extension of Chad himself!

Diving into the deep end, this prodigy honed his craft amidst the elites:
🌟 An esteemed member of the LA Philharmonic High School Honor Orchestra.
🌟 A proud representative of the Pasadena Youth Symphony, taking the stage at the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia.
🌟 Graced the legendary Carnegie Hall, performing with the American Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Fast forward to his triumphant academic years, Chad emerged as a beacon of talent from the Colburn School of Performing Arts. With a Bachelor's degree in viola performance (2003), he trained under the maestro Jan Karlin and ascended to the principal violist position for The Orchestra de Camera.

Today, the maestro is an omnipresent force in Southern California's music scene. From dazzling orchestra and chamber performances to Hollywood's glitzy session work, his artistry knows no bounds. 🌆🎶

But wait, there's more!
🔥 Lit up the stage during the Super Bowl!
🔥 Jammed with global icons like Beyoncé, Common, Maria Carey, and Kamasi Washington during award shows!

Join us in celebrating the genius of Chad, where passion meets unparalleled talent! 🎵🎉



Debra Innis has been teaching at two music studios for several years (pre-COVID), and she resumed teaching at the Irvine Art and Music studio in September 2021. Additionally, she has prepared numerous students for their recitals.

Education, Credentials, and Experience:

  • Major in music from Trinity College
  • Minor in music from the University of Illinois
  • 35 years of teaching experience
  • Proficient in teaching beginners through upper intermediate levels
  • Expertise in Music Theory
  • Experience performing in orchestras and small groups (violin)
  • Accomplished private dinner party performer

Hobbies and Interests: Debra's hobbies include playing the piano (specifically her grand piano) and the violin. She enjoys playing Mazas violin duets and is skilled at evaluating and customizing music for most students. While her main focus is on classical music, she has a broad interest in various genres (except jazz).



With a musical journey that spans various genres and settings, Manny Cortes stands out as a multifaceted artist. Serving as the Concertmaster at Santa Ana College from 2018-2021, Manny has showcased his prowess on the violin, leaving an indelible mark on the institution's rich musical history. This commitment to excellence saw him perform with esteemed ensembles like Symphony Irvine and Bellflower Symphony.

Manny's versatility shines through his experience with Mariachi groups, where he adeptly fills in on the violin. This flexibility further extends to his intimate work with small chamber ensembles, particularly string quartets. Transitioning between roles, Manny currently opts for the resonant tones of the viola during his string quartet performances.

Dedicated to sharing the joy of music, Manny has an innate ability to work with children in musical settings. His pedagogical journey includes teaching group classes for about four years, complemented by a year of one-on-one lessons. Students under his guidance don't just learn to play; they delve into the depths of music theory, uncovering the layers of phrasing and musicality. Manny's innovative approach integrates his love for video game music, underscoring his belief in its power to hone one's musical capabilities.

As a composer, Manny has painted auditory canvases for live performances and student films, leaving audiences mesmerized with his original pieces. And if you ever wonder about the source of that melodious tenor drifting through the hallways, that's Manny, channeling his vocal talents both in a choir setting and during lessons. For him, singing isn't just an art—it's a tool. It allows students to perceive the emotional nuances in compositions, reminding them that simply learning the notes is never enough. Music, in Manny's world, is about expressing and feeling every melody and rhythm.



Bio coming soon!



Bio coming soon!