🎷🎶 Meet Will Jackson: The Sax Sensation of Southern California! 🎶🎷

Embark on a musical journey with Will Jackson, a mesmerizing saxophonist, dynamic multi-instrumentalist, and impassioned music educator. Hailing from the sunny shores of Southern California, Will is more than just a musician; he's a maestro with a mission!

With a decade of experience serenading souls and inspiring young musicians, Will's teaching style is nothing short of exhilarating. He not only teaches notes but also ignites passion. It's not just about learning music; it's about feeling it!

🎓 Education & Ambitions:
Will is on the cusp of achieving his Bachelor of Music in Education from CSU Dominguez Hills ('23). He dreams big, aspiring to shape future generations as a school band director.

🎤 More than just a Sax Player:
When he's not captivating audiences, he's in his creative hub, crafting original songs and beats that echo his eclectic taste in music. From the soulful tunes of Jazz and R&B to the rhythmic beats of Rap and Hip-Hop, Will is a connoisseur of diverse music genres.

🎧 Musical Inspirations:
Drawn to the sounds of legends and contemporary maestros alike, Will's playlist includes icons like Charlie Parker, Roy Hargrove, and Stevie Wonder, as well as modern-day virtuosos like Braxton Cook, Kiefer, Cannonball Adderley, and the unparalleled Anderson Paak.

Join Will's musical escapade and discover not just how to play, but how to live music. Whether you're a curious beginner or a dedicated aficionado, Will welcomes you to elevate your musical journey. 🎵🎷🌟

Violin & Viola

Manny Cortes

With a musical journey that spans various genres and settings, Manny Cortes stands out as a multifaceted artist. Serving as the Concertmaster at Santa Ana College from 2018-2021, Manny has showcased his prowess on the violin, leaving an indelible mark on the institution's rich musical history. This commitment to excellence saw him perform with esteemed ensembles like Symphony Irvine and Bellflower Symphony.

Manny's versatility shines through his experience with Mariachi groups, where he adeptly fills in on the violin. This flexibility further extends to his intimate work with small chamber ensembles, particularly string quartets. Transitioning between roles, Manny currently opts for the resonant tones of the viola during his string quartet performances.

Dedicated to sharing the joy of music, Manny has an innate ability to work with children in musical settings. His pedagogical journey includes teaching group classes for about four years, complemented by a year of one-on-one lessons. Students under his guidance don't just learn to play; they delve into the depths of music theory, uncovering the layers of phrasing and musicality. Manny's innovative approach integrates his love for video game music, underscoring his belief in its power to hone one's musical capabilities.

As a composer, Manny has painted auditory canvases for live performances and student films, leaving audiences mesmerized with his original pieces. And if you ever wonder about the source of that melodious tenor drifting through the hallways, that's Manny, channeling his vocal talents both in a choir setting and during lessons. For him, singing isn't just an art—it's a tool. It allows students to perceive the emotional nuances in compositions, reminding them that simply learning the notes is never enough. Music, in Manny's world, is about expressing and feeling every melody and rhythm.



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