🎷🎶 Meet Will Jackson: The Sax Sensation of Southern California! 🎶🎷

Embark on a musical journey with Will Jackson, a mesmerizing saxophonist, dynamic multi-instrumentalist, and impassioned music educator. Hailing from the sunny shores of Southern California, Will is more than just a musician; he's a maestro with a mission!

With a decade of experience serenading souls and inspiring young musicians, Will's teaching style is nothing short of exhilarating. He not only teaches notes but also ignites passion. It's not just about learning music; it's about feeling it!

🎓 Education & Ambitions:
Will is on the cusp of achieving his Bachelor of Music in Education from CSU Dominguez Hills ('23). He dreams big, aspiring to shape future generations as a school band director.

🎤 More than just a Sax Player:
When he's not captivating audiences, he's in his creative hub, crafting original songs and beats that echo his eclectic taste in music. From the soulful tunes of Jazz and R&B to the rhythmic beats of Rap and Hip-Hop, Will is a connoisseur of diverse music genres.

🎧 Musical Inspirations:
Drawn to the sounds of legends and contemporary maestros alike, Will's playlist includes icons like Charlie Parker, Roy Hargrove, and Stevie Wonder, as well as modern-day virtuosos like Braxton Cook, Kiefer, Cannonball Adderley, and the unparalleled Anderson Paak.

Join Will's musical escapade and discover not just how to play, but how to live music. Whether you're a curious beginner or a dedicated aficionado, Will welcomes you to elevate your musical journey. 🎵🎷🌟

Saxophone (Alto & Tenor), Flute, Clarinet, & Bass Clarinet

Richard Kay

🎵 Meet The Maestro: Richard Kay! 🎵

Step into the vibrant world of woodwinds with none other than the masterful Richard Kay! An Orange County legend, Richard has been the beating heart of the Irvine Art & Music since its inception. 🎷

Journey with him through his illustrious academic career: from the sunlit corridors of the University of Irvine, where he clinched his Bachelor's, to the renowned campuses of Boston University and University of Miami, where he earned his Master's and a coveted Doctorate in Music respectively. And that's not all! He’s a maestro with TWO Master's Degrees - yes, another gem from the University of Las Vegas in Woodwind Doubling. 🎓

Hear the whispers of the clarinet? That's Richard’s D.M.A. in clarinet performance playing its tune. And he's not just an academic; he's been the soulful clarinetist in luminary orchestras such as Pacific Symphony, Redlands Philharmonic, and even the Palm Beach's Treasure Cove Opera Orchestra, to name just a few! 🎶

For over three decades, Richard has been the guiding light for budding musicians, helping them not only claim the coveted first chair in their school ensembles but also opening doors to elite local honor groups. 🌟

Now, in his golden years, the maestro is more passionate than ever! Eager to share his union experience and professional insights, Richard is here to sculpt the next generation of woodwind wizards, ensuring they're not just skilled, but truly exceptional. 🚀

Ready to embark on an extraordinary musical journey? Let Richard Kay be your guide! 🌠🎼🎷🎶

Saxophone (Alto & Tenor), Flute, & Clarinet

Nickolas Ortiz

Unleash the Magic of Music with Nickolas Ortiz! 🎷✨

Dive into the world of a sax sensation: Nickolas Ortiz! Graduating from the illustrious California State University, Dominguez Hills with a gleaming degree in Music Education, Nick's story is nothing short of legendary.

Imagine this - a young Nick playing his heart out during his high school days and catching the keen ear of the phenomenal Keisha Potter, a shining gem from the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center. Entranced by Nick’s electrifying performance, she personally invited him to join the ranks of the prestigious Fernando Pullum’s Senior Jazz Orchestra. Here, Nick jammed and jived with the crème de la crème of the music realm.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Nick decided to embark on a dual adventure at CSUDH. With the pulse of Classical music led by the virtuoso, Dr. Chika Inoue, and the thrilling beats of Jazz under the maestro, Dr. Teodross Avery, Nick mastered the two worlds. Ultimately, the infectious rhythms of Jazz captured his soul, leading him under the exclusive mentorship of Dr. Avery.

But, Nickolas Ortiz isn’t just about notes and scales. He’s a beacon of leadership. With a heart set on sculpting the future Mozart's and Coltrane's, Nick is dedicated to mentoring aspiring musicians. Let him guide, inspire, and ignite your passion. Because with Nickolas, it's not just about music, it's about a journey towards musical greatness! 🎶🌟

Saxophone (Alto And Tenor), Flute, & Clarinet

Hannah Stevens

🌟 Meet the Virtuoso from San Diego! 🌟

Direct from the sun-soaked coasts of San Diego, let's introduce you to Hannah Stevens! Not just a musician, but a maestro in the realm of woodwind wonders. With the flute being her first love and boasting over a decade of serenading, Hannah is a force of nature in the musical world.

🚀 Zooming towards the finish line at CSU Long Beach, she's about to clinch that coveted Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education by 2024. But that's not all! Beyond the mesmerizing notes of the flute, Hannah's fingers dance seamlessly over the clarinet, saxophone, french horn, and even the cello! But, it's the illustrious trio - flute, saxophone, and clarinet - that truly echoes the heart of her musical prowess.

With a fire for fostering talent, Hannah’s teaching is nothing short of legendary. From wide-eyed beginners soaking in their first notes to seasoned pros prepping for their next big performance, she crafts bespoke learning experiences that resonate.

And if you think she stops there, think again! Hannah's sights are set on the grand stage of molding future maestros as a middle school band director. Her own spotlight moments? Oh, just tiny venues like Carnegie Hall and Copley Hall, and a dazzling act at the 2023 National Flute Association Convention.🌟

Dive in, and let Hannah be the wind beneath your musical wings! 🎶🌬️🎵