Yamaha Silent Series YSV104 Electric Violin - Brown

  • $846.99

A Refined Practice Instrument 

The YSV104 Silent Series Violin reproduces the body resonance, sound, and ambience of an acoustic violin, thanks to Yamaha’s SRT (Studio Response Technology). This electric violin’s innovative design not only offers a state-of-the-art look, it also provides a feel that makes switching over from a traditional acoustic violin effortless. Its streamlined control box includes an aux input for play-along practice and onboard reverb to enhance your playing enjoyment. The Yamaha YSV104 is ideal for anyone who wants to practice quietly without sacrificing natural acoustic tone. 

SRT — the next best thing to an acoustic violin

The YSV104 produces the rich presence and complex overtones of an acoustic violin, yet it’s a solidbody instrument — it doesn’t resonate like an acoustic violin. So, what gives? The answer is in Yamaha’s SRT technology. This revolutionary piezo pickup system’s left and right channel volumes, frequency response, and delay have been optimized to deliver a realistic acoustic tone via earphones. At Irvine Art & Music, we’ve found playing the YSV104 to be a true-to-life experience — it’s the next best thing to playing an acoustic violin.

Feels like a traditional acoustic violin

The Yamaha YSV104 Silent Violin may appear a bit unconventional, but don’t let that intimidate you. If you’re a traditional acoustic violinist, it will feel instantly familiar — no need to adjust your bow angle or finger placement. This electric violin even accommodates standard shoulder and chin rests and tailpieces! 

Play along — connect to a sound system

The YSV104’s streamlined control box is equipped with an auxiliary input as well as line and headphone outputs. To play along with your favorite music, simply connect an external source to the aux input. Connect the line output to an external sound system for live performance. The headphone jack facilitates private practice with gorgeously warm and natural reverb in two flavors: Room and Hall. 

Yamaha YSV104 Silent Series Electric Violin Features:

  • Solidbody electric violin with realistic acoustic tone
  • SRT (Studio Response Technology) emulates the tone and resonance of an acoustic violin
  • Provides easy switchover from a traditional acoustic violin
  • Streamlined control box with aux input makes practice fun
  • Great-sounding onboard reverb to enhance your playing enjoyment 

Tech Specs

  • Type:Electric Violin
  • Number of Strings:4
  • Size:4/4
  • Color:Brown
  • Finish:Lacquer
  • Body Material:Spruce
  • Neck Material:Maple
  • Fingerboard Material:Composite
  • Pegs:Ebony
  • Fine Tuners:4
  • Nut Material:Ebony
  • Bridge Material:Maple
  • Tailpiece:Synthetic Resin
  • Chin Rest:Plastic
  • Electronics:Piezo Bridge Pickup, 1/8" Output Jack, 1/8" Headhphones Jack, 1/8" Aux Jack
  • Strings:D'Addario Zyex
  • Manufacturer Part Number:YSV104BRO