Yamaha PS500 88-key Smart Digital Piano - Black

  • $1,999.99

Yamaha’s Next-gen Smart Digital Piano

Modern technology has greatly enhanced many parts of our lives. Certainly, music making is no exception, with digital audio workstations and keyboard instruments being major beneficiaries. Nowhere is this better illustrated than with the Yamaha PS500 Smart Digital Piano. Yamaha has packed a century-plus of expertise in building world-class acoustic grand pianos into the PS500, as well as their decades of industry leadership in digital technology. It all adds up to a formidable digital piano that’s ideal for the home, classroom, stage, and studio. Equipped with Yamaha’s excellent 88-note GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted keybed, the PS500 is loaded with premium samples of world-class CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial pianos. It also includes the innovative Stream Lights feature, an intuitive Touch Control panel, smart device connectivity, and more, resulting in a value-packed digital piano that pays homage to tradition while embracing the future. 

Stream Lights

One of the highlights of the PS500 that makes it a perfect home piano is Yamaha’s innovative Stream Lights feature. Not an accomplished pianist? Have youngsters in the house? Stream Lights makes it easy and rewarding for budding musicians to play as they learn, with four LED lights above each key that show them which notes to play and when to play them. As the lights move toward the keys (Flow Key), they intuitively guide you by showing the timing of the next note in the song, helping you to learn your favorite songs quickly and enjoyably.

Smart Pianist

The PS500 is also compatible with Yamaha’s dedicated Smart Pianist app, which adds a gorgeous graphical interface and a plethora of intriguing features. Smart Pianist gives you full control over the PS500’s main functions. It also analyzes your favorite songs in your smart device’s music library using Audio to Score chord tracker technology to produce a piano score, making it easy for you to learn how to play your favorite songs. Music students and family members will be inspired by the PS500 as it transcribes their favorite songs into sheet music!

Virtual Resonance Modeling

Yamaha has been building acoustic pianos since 1900 and the company has been on the cutting edge of digital technology for decades. Under the hood of the PS500 are proprietary digital audio technologies such as Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), which meticulously models the infinite number of factors that create the sound of a concert grand piano to impart vivid and richly varied expression to your music. Onboard the PS500 are Yamaha’s meticulous samples of their flagship CFX as well as the famous Bösendorfer Imperial — bringing two of the world's finest and most renowned concert grand pianos to your fingertips.

Packed with advanced technology

From the authentic feel of Yamaha’s premium GHS action — which employs matte black keys that wick away moisture and is progressively weighted to be heavier in the bass register and lighter in the treble range — to the advanced technology under the hood, the Yamaha PS500 Smart Digital Piano is a marvel of the modern age. While its high-tech Touch Control panel lets you immediately access a selection of Voices, Styles, and Lessons, connecting the PS500 to Smart Pianist will unlock all of its capabilities, opening the floodgates to hundreds of Voices, Styles, and Lessons. You’ll also have control over Voice Layers, Splits, and Split Points, and Reverbs, as well as MIDI and Audio Recording.

Karaoke with pro background singers

Plug a microphone into the Yamaha PS500’s mic input and sing along with your playing — you’ll hear your vocal through the onboard speakers and you can record your performance to USB memory. Yamaha's onboard VH (Vocal Harmony) audio processing engine even adds professional-quality background vocal harmonies to your masterpiece! With its classic piano cabinetry and Touch Control panel that disappears when not in use, the PS500 elegantly integrates into the decor of any room. Pianists and keyboardists at Irvine Art & Music are ecstatic over this magnificent instrument. You will be, too!

Yamaha PS500 88-key Smart Digital Piano Features:

  • Onboard CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples
  • Premium GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) progressive weighted action
  • Touch Sensor Control panel disappears when not in use
  • Innovative Stream Lights/Flow Key feature
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
  • Advanced VH audio processing engine adds vocal harmonies
  • 1/4-inch microphone input
  • MIDI and Audio recording
  • Onboard speaker system
  • Smart device connectivity
  • Included FC4A sustain pedal, music rest, PA500 power adapter, and owner's manual 

Tech Specs

  • Sound Engine:CFX and Bosendorfer Piano samples
  • Number of Keys:88
  • Type of Keys:Weighted
  • Audio Inputs:1 x1/4" (mic)
  • Power Supply:PA500 Power Adapter (included)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:PS500B