Yamaha PKBX2 X-Style Keyboard Stand

  • $34.99

Easy to Use Stand for Large Keyboards

The Yamaha PKBX2 keyboard stand is a sturdy way to secure your large-format keyboards during performance, in the studio, or at your home. Its easily adjustable design helps you position your keys at the optimal height for your application. And the fold-flat construction makes breaking the stand down for transport quick and easy to store. When purchasing a stand for your instruments, Sweetwater Sales Engineers definitely recommend something that has the rugged steel construction of the PKBX2. The Yamaha PKBX2 may just be the perfect keyboard stand for you.



Yamaha PKBX2 Keyboard Stand Features:
  • Keyboard stand designed for large-format keyboards
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Easy to adjust to your ideal height
  • Easy storage fold-flat design
Secure your keyboard on the Yamaha PKBX2 stand.

Tech Specs

  • Type:X-style Stand
  • Number of Tiers:1
  • Tier Height:27"-39"
  • Tier Depth:4.9"
  • Tier Width:24.25"
  • Weight Capacity:64 lbs.
  • Portable:Yes
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:10 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:PKBX2