Yamaha YFL-200ADII Flute (REF# 3001)

  • $1,015.00

Ref# 3001

The Yamaha Advantage flute is the perfect student level flute. It features an ease of sound, accurate intonation and sensitive response yet is extremely durable and built to last. A durable post adjustment screw design provides effortless performance and minimal adjustments. The head joint, body, foot joint and keys are nickel silver and the entire flute is silver plated.  Durable design, excellent tone and a redesigned case make this the perfect Advantage flute.

  • Pointed key arms!
  • Offset G
  • Undercut and beveled embouchure hole
  • Double bladder pads
  • Thickened and redesigned key posts
  • ABS plastic lightweight case
  • C - foot joint