Thomastik Infeld Dominant Pro Violin String Set

  • $99.00

Thomastik-Infeld has launched their newest string, the Dominant Pro. A new and improved version of the original classic. Designed with the modern professional in mind, they provide an expanded range of color and brilliance, while enhancing the warmth and radiance of the original Dominant strings. Whether they are played loudly or quietly, the immediate reaction and balance of tonal qualities can be heard right away. After a short break in time, hints of a rounder, fuller sound begin to emerge. 

What's the D-ifference?

The Silver D offers a more refined bow noise, brilliance, and pronounced sound color with excellent modulation capacity. Compared to conventional Silver D strings, this novel silver alloy is more responsive to the bow and does an excellent job of suppressing wolf tones.

The Aluminum D is the preferred choice if your instrument requires more brilliance and projection capacity. Aluminum wound strings are even more responsive to the bow compared to Silver. This Aluminum wound D has a larger diameter than the Silver D, which may be preferable for some players. 

  • Exceptionally powerful
  • Good balance of brilliance & warmth
  • Broad range of sound colors
  • Supports the radiance of the instrument
  • Reacts immediately with a focused sound core
  • A sound that fills the room
  • Bell-like tonal character
  • High resistance to bow pressure
  • Suitable for soloists
  • Very high dynamic level (can be played very quietly and very loudly)

The Dominant Pro 4 string set consists of:

  • E:  Tin plated carbon steel (.265mm)
  • A:  Aluminum wound over a synthetic core
  • D:  Silver wound over a synthetic core
  • G:  Silver wound over a synthetic core

Also available:

  • E:  Tin plated carbon steel (.262mm)
  • E:  Gold plated stainless steel
  • E:  Platinum plated stainless steel
  • A:  Chrome wound over carbon steel
  • D:  Aluminum over a synthetic core

We encourage you to visit the Thomastik product page, it provides very detailed information about the different materials and string characteristics.