Pearl 665BE Quantz Flute, B Footjoint

  • $1,274.00

Pearl 665BE Quantz Flute, B Footjoint Overview

Experience the luxury of sterling silver. The Pearl 665BE Quantz flute with a B footjoint is not only a gorgeous flute to play, but is also brimming with professional features. Pearl have redefined the student flute market thanks to their incredible designs.

Unlike other flutes at this price, the Pearl 665BE flute features a sterling silver headjoint. Thanks to this luxurious material, the 665BE produces a warm sound with a rich overtone spectrum. And once combined with the one-piece core-bar, which enhances stability while reducing strain on the mechanism, you can start to realise why the Pearl 665BE Quantz flute is such an excellent instrument.

What's more, Pearl have included everything you need to look after your flute. The Quantz flute comes with a faux leather-bound wooden case, plush-lined case cover, cleaning rod, and a cleaning cloth. Aspiring flute players have never been so fortunate!

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Full Description

Thoughtful design

It's Pearl's attention to detail that produces such a beautiful instrument. At the top of flute you will find Pearl's sterling silver Largo headjoint. The sterling silver combined with the largo cut produces an expressive tone which is warm, vibrant, and full of overtones. Once the 665BE has been assembled, it is plated in silver to give a professional finish. Free-blowing with a generous tone, these features are ideal for beginner players.

Unlike other student flutes, all Quantz models come with French pointed arms as standard. These arms not only increase the stability of the instrument, but also enhance the overall quality of the mechanism. The 665BE also comes with closed keys which are better for learning the basics of performance. Easier to use and to produce notes from, closed keys flutes are recommended by teacher world wide for students. What enables the 665BE to stand out is the included B footjoint. Although the repertoire requiring a low B is minimal, it's nice to have the option to play it.

An industry first

Traditionally constructed flutes can often suffer a lot of issues due to wear and tear. To help prevent this, Pearl designed a one-piece core-bar which is at the heart of all of their flutes. By having one rod that extends from the high C through to the king post results in an extremely reliable mechanism that is more comfortable to play. The one-piece core-bar also stays in adjustment for longer and is much easier to service, saving you money in the future.

Every Pearl flute is meticulously designed with a patented pinless construction which resolves many of the mechanical problems of a traditional flute. What does this mean for you? No longer can protruding needles snag your clothing and provide an easy entry to perspiration that could potentially cause corrosion and key binding. Instead, Pearl have used underside socket-head screws preventing the entry of any perspiration into the mechanism. These inventive yet basic designs are industry firsts for student flutes and enable aspiring flute players to play with an exceptionally efficient and reliable mechanism.

Included accessories

To ensure your new flute stays in its best condition, it comes with everything you need to look after it. To protect your instrument while commuting, a French-style flute case is included. For added protection, the Quantz flute includes a soft carry case with a shoulder strap which makes transportation easy and comfortable. To make sure your flute lasts as long as possible, it should be cleaned regularly. This is why the Pearl 665BE comes with a cleaning rod and polishing cloth so you can keep your new flute looking brand new.

Pearl flutes in the industry

Since 1968, Pearl Flutes have maintained a ‘tradition of innovation’. Boasting high-quality instruments, Pearl have pioneered a culture of incomparable flute making. As a result, Pearl have created a clear distinction in the woodwind market. Many of the craftsmen have had the advantage of working at Pearl for their entire career. And thanks to the apprentice program at the Pearl Musical Instrument Company, Pearl has a great pool of home-grown talent. By raising a generation of highly-skilled master builders and investing in the future, Pearl can leave behind a legacy of outstanding craftsmanship.


  • Key Of: C
  • Lip Material: Sterling Silver
  • Head Material: Sterling Silver
  • Body Material: Nickel Silver
  • Plating: Silver Plated
  • Foot Joint: B Foot
  • Key System: Offset G/Split E Mechanism
  • Key Types: Closed
  • Included Accessories: Case, cover, polishing cloth, and cleaning rod