Orange Crush Acoustic 30 30-watt 1x8" Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

  • $399.00

Portable 2-channel Acoustic Amp with Battery/Wall Operation

Orange's iconic amps and cabs have been the literal heartbeat of modern music, from Woodstock to Ozzfest. So imagine our delight at the announcement of the Crush Acoustic 30 — a 30-watt portable acoustic amp with that familiar Orange style and flavor, which can run off batteries or wall power. Its two channels — instrument and vocal, or dual guitars — sound lush and balanced through its tilt-back birch ply cabinet and specially voiced 8-inch World speaker. The Orange Crush Acoustic 30 also includes an effects loop for choosy stomp and preamp integration, 1/8-inch auxiliary input for jamming along to backing tracks, and pre- and post-EQ outputs for routing signals to a mixing board or interface. If you're looking for an acoustic amp that has the tones and visuals to take your practices and performances to breathtaking new heights, consider the Orange Crush Acoustic 30 from Irvine Art & Music. 

Two channels, 30 watts

When it comes to Orange output, 30 watts is plenty of horsepower to crank up and be heard. Whether you're a singer/songwriter or loop jammer, the Crush Acoustic 30 gives you the tools to amplify and monitor yourself accurately, from the stage or the street corner.

Shared reverb and chorus

You also get a billowy reverb and creamy acoustic chorus right onboard the Crush Acoustic 30. These effects are global and can be distributed to either channel using the middle knob of the orange-colored effects section. 

Battery or wall operation

For grab-and-go practice sessions to the remotest stages on earth, the Orange Crush Acoustic 30 hooks you up with three to eight hours of battery operation (via 10 AAs). So if you've got the juice, playing cafes and subway stations is as easy as drop, plug, and play. And for traditional stage and studio setups, the Crush Acoustic 30 also includes a DC power adapter.

Onboard effects loop

Most players will agree that time-based effects — your premium digital reverbs and delays — sound best uncolored by an amp's preamp section. Other pedals, such as external preamps and drive pedals, tend to sound better into the input of your amp. That's why the Crush Acoustic 30 gives you an effects loop, so you can experiment with all your stomps and effects units to achieve your desired sound. 

Orange Crush Acoustic 30 Guitar Amplifier Combo Features:

  • Orange style and flavor comes to a portable acoustic/vocal amp
  • 30 watts of mobile output
  • Powered by battery or included DC adapter
  • Up to 8 hours of playback time with 10 AAs (5 hours at 50% volume, 3 hours at 100% volume)
  • Channel 1 (instrument): 1/4-inch input with -10dB pad, 3-band EQ, and Colour (contour) switch
  • Channel 2 (voice): XLR input with phantom power and 2-band EQ
  • Shared reverb and chorus — can be blended between channels
  • Global notch filter — fights honk and feedback
  • Quality birch plywood cabinet
  • Iconic orange vinyl and woven grille
  • Specially voiced 8-inch World acoustic speaker
  • Onboard effects loop for pedal-integrated setups
  • Line (pre-EQ) and Balanced (post-EQ) outputs
  • 1/8-inch aux input — plug in your phone and jam along to backing tracks 

Tech Specs

  • Type:Acoustic Combo Amp
  • Number of Channels:2
  • Total Power:30W
  • Speakers:1 x 8" woofer
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4", 1 x XLR-1/4" combo, 1 x 1/8" (aux)
  • Outputs:1 x XLR (line out)
  • Effects Loop:Yes
  • EQ:3-band EQ
  • Reverb:Yes
  • Effects:Chorus
  • Additional Features:Phantom Power
  • Construction Material:Birch Plywood with Orange Tolex
  • Power Source:19V DC power supply / 10 x AA batteries
  • Height:11"
  • Width:12.75"
  • Depth:9"
  • Weight:13.5 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:CRUSH ACOUSTIC 30