La Bella Strings 0760M Deep Talkin' Bass Flatwound Bass Strings - 1954 "Original" Style

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The Bass Sound of Classic Motown Hits

Chances are, if a song came out of Motown in the '60s and hit the top of the charts, these are the strings on the bass. La Bella's 1954 Flatwound Deep Talkin' Bass strings preserve the exact gauge of the string responsible for the overwhelmingly fat and round bass sound that caused needles to skip and a future generation of rockers to push the limits of tone. Made from hand-polished stainless steel, these flatwound bass strings deliver a profoundly deep and vibrant tone with all the sustain you could ask for, and they retain their tone well after standard flatwounds have gone dead. No strings on the market play as smooth on a standard electric bass, and they feel absolutely luxurious on a fretless. If you're in the market for superior flatwound strings, La Bella's Flatwound Deep Talkin' Bass strings are it.



Centuries of expertise in each set of La Bella strings

La Bella strings are the top choice for musicians ranging from world-famous artists such as Willie Nelson, Bryan Adams, and Ron Carter, to everyday players. Their heritage reaches back to the Mari family of Salle, Italy, in the seventeenth century, and they became famous throughout Europe to the point where La Bella supplied violin strings to Amati and Stradivari. In the early twentieth century, brothers Emilio and Olinto Mari moved the string operation to New York, founding the modern La Bella company. Today, La Bella strings are considered among the finest in the world, and we think you'll agree when you hear what they can do for your favorite instrument.

La Bella 1954 Flatwound Deep Talkin' Bass Strings Features:
  • The original string set used by Donald Duck Dunn and classic Motown gold records
  • Heavy gauge (.052-.110) flatwound 4-string bass strings
  • Hand-polished flat windings deliver professional-quality smooth action
  • Stainless steel construction offers deep lows, complex harmonics, and ample sustain
  • Standard long scale length measures 37" from ball end to silk ends
  • Ships in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to prevent tarnishing and aging
  • Not suitable for use with string-through-body bridge designs
La Bella Flatwound Deep Talkin' Bass strings deliver deep vintage tone and ultrasmooth action!