Ibanez High Performance RG421HPAH Electric Guitar - Blue Wave Black

  • $999.99
Choose an RG for Unparalleled Playability and Tone

For high-octane tone, fluid playability, and undeniably cool looks, it's hard to beat the Ibanez High Performance RG421HPAH solidbody electric guitar. The Ibanez RG hardly needs an introduction — iconic guitarists from Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai to Gary Holt and Reb Beach have made their impact with an RG at some point. This iteration of the definitive rock guitar boasts a fast-playing Wizard III roasted maple neck, an aggressively-voiced pair of DiMarzio humbucking pickups, and a fixed bridge for maximum tuning stability. When you need a guitar that will hold up to your most frantic fretwork, you'll do well with the Ibanez RG421HPAH.

Fusion Edge humbuckers: made for metal

The Fusion Edge humbucking pickups on the RG421HPAH are the result of a collaboration between Ibanez and noted pickup maker DiMarzio. Designed for down-tuned metal, Fusion Edge pickups deliver a powerful scooped sound with tight, compressed bass response and crisp high-end articulation — ideal for bludgeoning djent chugs and high-speed staccato riffing. The RG421HPAH's DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups give you the aggressive yet precise tone that modern metal guitarists need.

Iconic Wizard neck

For many players, the Wizard neck profile has been what makes an Ibanez an Ibanez. And you'll find the third-generation Wizard III on the Ibanez High Performance RG421HPAH solidbody electric guitar. Its incredibly thin contour is a favorite among fast, technical players, as it allows unfettered movement up and down the fretboard. Even if your runs begin in the open position and end at the highest frets, this neck won't get in your way, and higher fret access is enhanced by the contoured cutaway. And its roasted maple construction provides a stable neck while offering increased sustain and tonal attack.

Coil tap switch offers access to single-coil pickup tones

In addition to its master volume and tone controls, the Ibanez High Performance RG421HPAH is equipped with a coil-tap switch for access to single-coil pickup tones. Switching between humbucking and coil-tapped modes is a great way to differentiate your tone for different parts of an arrangement, or when overdubbing multiple guitar parts. The output is lowered as well, making it easy to clean up your sound by reducing the impact on your amp's preamp section.

Ibanez High Performance RG421HPAH Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
  • Classic Ibanez RG playability and looks
  • Fast-playing roasted maple Wizard III neck
  • DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbucking pickups are optimized for down-tuned metal
  • Coil-tap switch gives you access to single-coil pickup tones too
  • Fixed bridge for rock-solid tuning stability