La Bella 10PH Professional Strings

  • $10.95

High Tension Increases Clarity and Response

La Bella's 10PH Professional High Tension Classical Guitar Strings were developed with input from top-tier guitarists and instructors to offer the increased clarity, sustain, and responsiveness concert guitarists require. The strings are constructed from high-density nylon and silver-plated winding, delivering great aural transparency and consistent sound production. And the 10PH Professional High Tension Classical Guitar Strings take advantage of Modified Atmosphere Packaging for like-new string freshness every time you open a package. Grab a set from us today! You'll be glad you did.



La Bella's string expertise reaches back centuries

While La Bella strings are the top choice for world-famous musicians such as Willie Nelson, Bryan Adams, and Ron Carter, their heritage reaches way back - almost four centuries back, starting in Salle, Italy, in the seventeenth century with the Mari family. They were famous throughout Europe and even supplied violin strings to Amati and Stradivari. Brothers Emilio and Olinto Mari moved their string operation to New York in the early twentieth century, and the modern-day foundation for La Bella strings was born.

La Bella 10PH Professional High Tension Silver Classical Guitar Strings Features:
  • Classical guitar strings with greater projection and responsiveness
  • Developed for modern performers and concert instruments
  • Long string scale
  • High-density nylon used for treble strings
  • Silver-plated bass strings
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging keeps strings fresh longer
Get the most performance from your concert guitar with the 10PH Professional High Tension strings.